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El Yunque Rainforest Hiking Tour

Quick Details


The Perfect Escape to the Rainforest!

We are excited to partner with Puerto Rico Tour Desk to offer an amazing El Yunque Rainforest hiking experience!

This El Yunque tour begins with a visit to the big mudslide in the area caused by Hurricane Maria (09/20/17).

Afterward, we will see the highest peak of the rainforest, El Toro Peak (3,523 feet [1,070 meters]).

We will learn where Hurricane Maria first entered Puerto Rico and enjoy a picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea.

If lucky, we can also see hang gliders and the red tail hawk floating in the breeze.

Next, we will visit the waterfall that has no name. After being a local secret for years, PRTD is happy to now be able to serve tours to this hidden waterfall spot.

The hike to the waterfall is about 25 minutes and will consist of trudging in mud, on uneven, rocky surfaces, and through high grass.

All this hard work will be worth it to see our local waterfall gem. For those who dare, we can climb up the waterfall to visit another waterfall with a natural, deep pool area that strong swimmers can jump into.

After relaxing and enjoying this site, we will head out to eat authentic Puerto Rican food. This restaurant features farm artifacts from the ’20s and ’30s. Finally, we will wrap up this tour by relaxing on the beach.