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Sailing Boat Tour Sunset Puerto Rico
"Where are you located?" 
We are a convenient 5-10 minute drive from the major hotels in the San Juan, Condado and Isla Verde area in Puerto Rico.We are located in San Juan Bay Marina at Slip A64. If you are taking a cab, ask your driver to take you to San Juan Bay Marina and reference where the Sizzler Restaurant is at. Once at the Marina, walk through the boatyard towards the lower part of Sizzler Restaurant. Once at sea level, go past a Jetski rental kiosk towards the long dock with boats on either side. Our slip is on the left past the white gate that leads to the dock. Slip numbers are marked on the floor.

"How do I book a sail?"
You may book online through our user-friendly booking page by clicking on the "Book your Sail" tab and clicking "Let's Sail" on the sail of your choice. We ask that you call, text, or email us for same day bookings to ensure availability even if the calendar doesn't show it. Online bookings are handled through a secure and encrypted provider accepting most major credit cards.

“How should I dress?"

For daysails we recommend cool, light clothing, hat, sunglasses and sunblock. While San Juan Bay has very calm waters and you will usually not get wet, there is always the possibility of some small splashes of water. Sunset sails have usually calmer breeze and cooler temperatures so you may dress more comfortably, however we do recommend light clothing. If you choose to go out into the ocean, the possibilities of getting wet are more likely as we will be sailing in bigger seas.
No shoes allowed on-board

"At what time should I arrive for my sail?"
We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your sail for a proper safety briefing and preparations. Sails depart sharp on time. Please be on time as in consideration to others that may be present we can not delay departure time. Failure to be on time for departure will result in forfeiting full fare or a $50 rebooking fee.

"How many passengers are allowed on the boat?"
We can accommodate 2-6 passengers for a personal, intimate experience. Trips are usually private for you and your group but on occasion couples are grouped on the same trip. If you wish your sail to be private you may opt for the Private Charter or reserve the boat for your group. If you are sailing alone we ask that you contact us so we may schedule you with a current group.

"Do I have to aid in handling the boat?"
Your Captain will take care of all the boat handling maneuvers so you may sit back and relax, but you are welcome to take part if you want a more hands-on experience.

"Will I get seasick?"
As we usually sail in very calm waters, the possibilities of getting seasick are almost zero. However, if you have gotten motion sickness at other times, we do recommend taking some remedies beforehand.

“What drinks are included?”
We offer complimentary soda, water, local beer, rum & coke and special rum punch for adults over 18 years of age. Sunset sails also include spanish Cava or Prosecco.

"Are there age restrictions to sail?"
We welcome everyone to enjoy the wonderful experience of sailing! However, children under 13 will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times. There is also certain level of physical exertion that may take place so we advise caution for the elderly and persons with serious medical conditions.

"Can I bring my own music?"
Of course! We encourage you to do so. Our speaker is bluetooth ready so you may connect your own device and use your personal playlist. We use Spotify and Pandora and may look up your favorite station.

"Are the booking times shown here the only ones available for a sail?"
While the times shown are our standard offerings we are always available for special requests. Give us a call or email us to make special arrangements.

"What if I have to cancel my reservation?"
We have a 48 hour cancellation notice policy for full refund. 48 hours or less cancellations forfeit 50% fare. 24 hour cancellations forfeit full fare. No shows or same-day booking cancellations will forfeit 100% fare.

"What happens if my sail is cancelled due to weather?"
We want you to enjoy a great experience while sailing with us so we would reschedule your sail for another day when the weather is ideal. If this would not be possible due to your travel plans, we would offer a full refund. The decision to cancel due to weather rests solely on the Captain. Tropical weather can change quite rapidly so some decisions to cancel might be last minute, however we always take into consideration your time and alternate plans so we try to always cancel at least an hour in advance from our scheduled departure time.

"Anything else I should know?"
Just be ready for a great sailing experience! If you do have any additional questions, please feel free to call, text or email us and we will gladly clear up any doubts.

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